Skincare and Makeup Packaging Matters

Skincare and Makeup Packaging Matters

What do you look for when picking up new skincare or makeup to try?

If ‘packaging’ isn’t one of your answers, you should definitely read this article. Packaging can make or break a cosmetic product, and we mean that quite literally. It serves one primary role: to keep your product safe from tampering and damage and prolong its shelf life. But not all skincare packaging is made the same. 

According to the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association (CTFA), packaging directly impacts the stability of the finished product. Interactions can occur between the product, the package, and the external environment - think, direct sunlight and UV rays, as well as exposure to open air. Exposure to oxygen can diminish the effectiveness of your favorite cream, and the direct sunlight can separate your foundation and turn it runny and gross. That’s why most quality skincare and makeup products come in tamper-proof packaging: not only does it keep the product inside safe, but it also lets you know if the product has been opened, say by another customer. 

That being said, certain materials and forms of packaging are less suitable for certain products than others. Let’s dig in:

Small Pots

They’re cute and perfect if you’re traveling with only a small suitcase. They’re also ideal for storing products that don’t contain a lot of water – think, lip balm. That’s because small pots are not air-tight, which means they get easily exposed to the elements. Additionally, dipping your finger repeatedly in a pot isn’t the most hygienic (hello, hello bacteria), which is why you should avoid any eye creams that come in small, non-airtight pots. If they do, they should also have a little spoon or a tool for scooping out the cream and for a safer, more hygienic application.


Jars are great for thick creams, body moisturizers, and ointments. However, they’re not really the best choice for anything you use in the shower, such as body scrubs. This type of packaging makes it really easy for water to get in, and if it stays there, it might result in mold. See-through jars present a whole new issue as they allow exposure to daylight, and the sun rays can additionally diminish the efficacy of the ingredients inside the jar.

Jars have the same problem as small pots: they’re just not super hygienic. If a jar comes with a spoon or a plastic spatula, use it. If not, make sure to thoroughly wash your hands before you dip them into the formula.

Ideally, you should look for formulas offered in airless or air-tight jars – the type where you press on top to dispense the product. This ensures you don’t introduce bacteria to the contents of the jar and also keeps its insides safe from exposure to air and sunlight (as long as the jar is opaque). The restricted airflow also prolongs the shelf life of any delicate ingredients, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite cream for longer.


Products with a pump are your best friend, especially for any anti-aging products or skincare and makeup containing antioxidants, retinol, peptides, or growth factors. Air-tight pumps are also a great choice for those with sensitive skin as they’re far less likely to be contaminated by bacteria or potential irritants.  

What to look for in skincare or makeup packaging?

Variety of skincare and makeup products

Whenever you’re buying a new product, make sure to consider the packaging as much as you consider the ingredients as the two are intertwined. Poorly packaged products or poorly designed packaging, such as see-through jars, can greatly affect the quality and efficacy of your products, and quickly turn into breeding grounds for bacteria. 

As a rule of thumb, look for airless packaging: air-tight pumps and jars, opaque bottles, or, even better, UV-protected containers. Multi-layers tubes are another fantastic solution to keep your favorite formulas potent, effective, and, most importantly, safe.



Cheers to a more beautiful, and healthy you!

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