Your Ultimate Guide to Healthy Eyelashes

Your Ultimate Guide to Healthy Eyelashes

Long, thick, luscious eyelashes are the dream. Whether you’re rocking the all-natural look or are a lash extensions convert, here is your ultimate guide on how to take the best care of your eyelashes to keep them healthy and looking their best. 

The 101 of eyelash care

Treat your lashes like you treat your hair: this means regularly cleaning and moisturizing them. If you regularly go to bed with a full-face on or forget to wipe your mascara, you might be at greater risk of infections and inflammations. Makeup quickly clogs the hair follicles and irritates the sensitive skin around the eyes, which results in eyelash drop. The itchiness from the inflammation can in turn make you want to rub and scratch at your eyes more, which additionally worsens the lash drop.

Leaving excess makeup on, including mascara and eyelash glue, can also lead to bacteria and dirt build-up, both of which can contribute to poorer lash health and turn your gorgeous lashes brittle and dull. If you’re hitting a gym, cleaning your eyelashes should be a definite part of your post-workout routine. Your lashes are working overtime while you’re working out, keeping the sweat from dripping in your eyes, so do them a favor and clean the build-up once you’re done.

How to clean your eyelashes? You don’t need any fancy tools or products: baby shampoo will do the trick. Baby shampoos are generally softer and gentler which is perfect for delicate lash hairs. Or just use makeup remover—micellar cleansing water is best. 

What happens if I don’t take care of my eyelashes?

Because the skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive, it can easily become irritated and lead to skin conditions, including dry skin, eczema, dermatitis, and blepharitis. Blepharitis, in particular, is a common eye condition accompanied by red, swollen, and itchy eyelids and can result in crusty, dandruff flakes from your eyelashes. The good news is that it isn’t contagious and can easily be prevented by cleaning your eyelashes regularly as it’s caused by a build-up of bacteria on the eyelid or when the oil glands become clogged or irritated by dirt, sweat, or makeup residue.


Some don’ts of eyelash care

Steer clear of the brow serums. You might think you can use the leftover brow growth serum you’ve got, but you should always use products as intended. On that note, you should also avoid applying castor oil to your lashes. It’s cheaper and easy to find and revered by thousands as a ‘lash growth’ miracle, but there’s actually no evidence to that and the oil itself might contribute to clogged eyelid glands and cause you more troubles than it’s worth. The same goes for Vaseline: despite the anecdotes and word-of-mouth tales, there’s little evidence that Vaseline can speed up lash growth but it might damage the hair follicle.

If you want thick and long eyelashes, the best thing you can do is take proper care of them by cleaning and moisturizing them regularly. The way you clean your lashes is just as important: never drag cotton wool or any makeup remover across your eyelashes. This puts pressure on the root and can result in lash drop. So take it easy!

Speaking of, when it comes to makeup, skip the waterproof mascara. Not only does it dry the hair follicle, but it takes more effort to remove it (which means, more scrubbing). 

How to care for your eyelash extensions?

Extensions are a fantastic option for those looking for a fuller lash look. One thing to keep in mind is that they require just as much maintenance as your natural lashes. If you’re rocking your eyelash extensions, make sure to use oil-free makeup as the oils might loosen the glue. To keep them looking their best, rub a drop of baby oil over your lashes: this will soften them and prevent the too-stiff look (just make sure not to overdo it as the oil might wear off the adhesives). You can also use baby oil on your natural lashes to give them an extra boost of hydration.

The key to enjoying fuller, thicker, longer lashes is to take excellent care of them. Your lashes don’t ask for much. Make sure to clean them regularly, get rid of any dirt and makeup build-up and moisturize them regularly with some baby oil and go enjoy your goddess look!

Cheers to a more beautiful, and healthy you!

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