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UZZA Makeup Brush Cleaner

UZZA Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Revolutionize your makeup routine with the ingenious UZZA Makeup Brush Cleaner. Crafted from food-grade silicone, this eco-friendly gem is more than just a cleaner.
Key Features:
Intelligent Design: The inside features smartly designed ridges that ensure your brush hairs glide through for a thorough and gentle clean.
Double Duty: UZZA acts as a cover and protector, a multitasking marvel bundled into one brilliant product.
Eco-Friendly & Safe: Crafted from food-grade silicone, UZZA ensures your beauty routine is not just effective but also eco-conscious and safe.
How It Works:
1- Soap & Nourishment: Add a few drops of mild facial soap and a touch of olive oil to the cleaner, providing your brushes with a nourishing cleanse.
2- Wet & Slide: Wet your makeup brush and effortlessly slide it into the cleaner, letting the intelligent design do its magic.
3- Wiggle & Foam: Move your brush back and forth, witnessing the foam build and erase every trace of makeup with ease.
4- Rinse & Protect: Rinse your brush with clean water, and choose your protection – snugly nestled in a cup holder or laid on its side inside the cleaner.
For those with an array of smaller brushes, you can place a whole bunch of them in the cleaner at once and follow the same easy process.

Click here to watch how to use UZZA makeup brush cleaner tool.

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